Facilitator for a business planning session

The purpose is not to drive participants to a decision, but rather to explore avenues, and make sure they do not set limits on how creative their strategy could be. It is crucial not to let the team try to make decisions, but rather to encourage questions and debate. Two or three possible strategic directions Defining a strategic direction The objective is for the team to decide on one course of action.

Facilitator for a business planning session

Therefore, for many of them, the prospects of taking valuable time and resources to develop a plan that will come up with more to add to their already over-loaded plates is NOT a welcomed idea. So how do you gain their commitment to planning and their buy-in to a planning process such as The Drivers Model?

With a management briefing, you will have your team identify the most critical issues facing the organization; then they will make adjustments to the planning process as needed to ensure that the process addresses those issues.

The management briefing increases commitment to planning by providing your team with a road map that shows how what is important to them will be covered during the strategic planning sessions.

Ensure All Voices Are Heard The fundamental secret of facilitation indicates that you can increase buy-in and commitment by having those impacted by the plan involved in the creation of it. However, everyone in your organization will be impacted by the strategic plan.

Does that mean everyone should be at the table creating the plan? No, of course not.

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Nor is it necessary. Involvement does not necessitate being at the table. There are several ways to provide people the opportunity for involvement in the plan as described in the table that follows.

For some, just giving them a chance for input through a survey or a suggestion box will be adequate. For others, focus groups, one-on-one interviews or other methods for gaining in-depth input may be more appropriate. And for others, their responsibilities, influence, expertise, or perspectives are so important that it will make sense to have them seated around the table.

One of your important roles is to determine who should be at the table and to put in place other avenues to ensure all voices are given the opportunity to be heard.

Providing the opportunity for input is essential to a facilitative approach and to gaining the level of buy-in needed for successful implementation across the organization.

Ensure key information is brought into the room You may have been in the room when a team has made a decision based on the best information available, only to discover that if they had been aware of other information that had not been brought into the room, they would have likely have made a different decision.

Many disagreements can be resolved, and even prevented, by making sure all parties have the same information. With the Drivers Model, the briefing book serves the purpose of ensuring all your team members start with a common set of information Get your ideas on the table without overpowering the group As indicated earlier, it is important that all voices be heard, and that includes yours.

Unfortunately, if you are like most leaders, your voice comes with considerable baggage. When the boss speaks, people listen.

facilitator for a business planning session

And they listen differently from when other people speak. Sure, there will likely be some people in the room who treat your voice like every other voice in the room.

Whether the idea comes from you or a first-year manager, these people will state their agreement or disagreement with the idea in the exact same way, regardless of the source.

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When you speak, most may be quick to respond when they agree, and very, very slow to respond when they disagree — so slow, in fact, that sometimes they may never get around to it! As a result of the lack of challenge many leaders experience within their own walls, the views of the leader can easily overpower the group.

And even when someone dares to challenge with a question, some leaders, often without knowing it, respond with statements that belittle the questioner or not-so-subtly communicate that challenging the boss is not welcome. Ensure that the plan components meet the quality checks With the Drivers Model each component is dependent upon the components that came before it.

So, for example, if you do a poor job of defining your mission and vision, your goals and objectives will reflect this. Likewise, if your goals and objectives are misaligned, your critical success factors and barriers will also be off.

And if your critical success factors and barriers are inadequate, your strategies and action plans will be inadequate as well. Therefore it is essential that you do a quality job every step of the way through the planning process.SOAR Workshop: Participants articulated potential business opportunities for their department and organization..

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The facilitator of this session must help the participants decide on objectives for achieving the purpose.

facilitator for a business planning session

Objectives are the key results you must achieve to achieve your purpose. Objectives need to be worded to describe the results you need to achieve in order to achieve your purpose.

Contact us to learn more using a strategic planning facilitator for your next meeting. A two day planning session is perfect for a business that is generating over five million dollars in revenue and has a staff of 20 or more.

A guide to check your group facilitation skills. Facilitator Guide Facilitation. Tips and ideas to improve your facilitation skills. by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, partner in Authenticity Consulting, LLC.

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