Goodby aiesec essay

As the last step of a life-changing journey, I wanted to be able to contribute to change myself, with my own two hands, to start my building a better world. Africa was still an unexplored continent for me, an adventure waiting to happen and a place where I knew I could work on the issue I wanted to contribute to — education. Very few people spoke English in the community, so learning how to communicate effectively turned out to be very interesting. However, the challenges I went through, or as I like to call them, the adventures, came with countless lessons and gifts, either by shining a light on an unknown side of myself or by making me realize things I had never thought of before.

Goodby aiesec essay

The founding members of AIESEC started to build the organization between -but a clear identity was defined in 89 students participated in the Exchange Program in and Exchange was defined as the core activity of the organization.

In the coming years more and more countries joined the network and AIESEC became global in a very short period by being present on all the continents. The number of students and organizations involved in the exchange program grew rapidly and constantly, reaching exchanges by the end of and by the end of It was well received by other countries, and a general set of seminar topics to be addressed was proposed and accepted.

They were mainly economic in nature, and for the first time AIESEC was addressing specific issues in its activities-stated clearly in a non-political way.

At the International Congress in Bordeaux, an important motion was passed: This measure improved the quality of our Exchanges.

In an International Theme Program was established that focused all international, regional, and local seminars on specific topics. This idea continued and grew through various stages. After this the focus of the organization was on addressing global themes besides the traditional Exchange Program.

Themes like International Trade, Management Education, Sustainable development, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Responsibility were discussed at local, national and global seminars. In the late 90's the discussion about the relevance of the organization brought the Exchange Program on the main agenda and more and more effort was put in ensuring growth in this area.

Information systems were developed to make the process faster and easier. Insight I was launched in and Insight II in As the focus of the organization was the eXchange program again, the number of exchanges started to grow.This essay supports my theory that New York City is a sort of funneling-place for all those who wanted more but were too uncertain about what that means to choose any path in particular.

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Goodby aiesec essay

AIESEC is the world's leading youth leadership development organization. Developing the potential of young people across countries. Sep 01,  · This feature is not available right now.

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