Terrorism causes and solution

Our Message Solution to Terrorism People the world over are trying to find a solution to terrorism. The authorities are trying to crush the terror menace through legal action; western powers are trying to crush it through warfare; however, these methods are, apparently, proving ineffective. According to Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, the present problem of terrorism is based on an ideology and an ideology cannot be countered or killed through legal action or by mere condemnation.

Terrorism causes and solution

Specifically, the possibility of attacks motivated by radical Islamic beliefs is of greater concern to Canadians than the prospect of white supremacist or white nationalist homegrown terrorism — though many are worried about both.

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Serious threat or overblown? Origins of radicalization Radical Islamic terrorism vs.

Terrorism causes and solution

How much of a threat is the possibility of homegrown terrorism in Canada? Is it as credible and serious as politicians, media, and law enforcement sometimes portray it? Or have these entities overstated the cause for alarm? The Angus Reid Institute first set out to answer these and other questions in a comprehensive and ground-breaking study on homegrown terrorism released in November Today, more than three years later, a second wave of the study finds a fairly consistent public opinion landscape on these issues, but one that has seen some intriguing changes at the demographic level, which will be highlighted in this report.

Terrorism causes and solution

As it did inthe institute asked Canadians to choose between two statements: The belief that homegrown terrorism is a serious threat is fairly consistent across regions, which represents a change from the last time ARI asked this question.

Inthe percentage of Canadians choosing this option in the face-off ranged from 49 per cent in British Columbia Terrorism causes and solution 70 per cent in Saskatchewan — a difference of 21 percentage points. Belief that homegrown terrorism is a serious threat has fallen precipitously in Quebec, from 69 per cent in to 50 per cent today: Responses to this question have also flattened out along generational lines since Older respondents those ages plus are still more likely than other age groups to say there is a serious threat of homegrown terrorism, but the percentage who say this has dropped significantly in three-and-a-half years.

Indeed, only the youngest respondents those ages have remained consistent in their views on this question: As was the case back then, residents of urban areas are more likely to suspect there are radicals in their community than rural residents are.

That said, the difference is considerably less dramatic now than it was inas seen in the following graph: As might be expected, those who think homegrown terrorism is a serious threat are more likely than those who see it as overblown to believe there are radicals currently living in their communities: Notably, Quebecers — who are among the Canadians least likely to view homegrown terrorism as a serious threat — buck this overall trend.

The province also developed resources for educators aiming to thwart radicalization in their classrooms.

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Just how much these efforts — or the January shooting at a mosque in Quebec City and the public conversations that followed it — are responsible for the significant changes in public opinion on radicalization in the province documented in this survey is difficult to determine.

Radical Islamic terrorism vs. Indeed, in British Columbia, more people express concern about white supremacist attitudes than radical Islamic ones, as seen in the graph that follows.

These two forms of extremism have each resulted in terrorist acts committed in Canada. The man charged with committing the shooting at a mosque in Quebec City was known for making anti-Muslim, anti-refugee, and anti-women posts on social media, as well as for enthusiastically supporting French far-right politician Marine Le Pen.

In the wake of the mosque shooting, the Angus Reid Institute asked Canadians whether the attack was an isolated incident or a sign of deeper problems with anti-Muslim sentiments in Canada.

This new poll finds that number largely unchanged in the 15 months since the shooting: While Canadians remain largely in agreement that the Sainte-Foy shooting was a sign of deeper problems, they tend to view the possibility of future white nationalist terrorism as a less serious threat than the possibility of future terrorism by radicalized Muslims:Political violence Political violence is the use of lethal force or other debilitating means by a person or persons against others.


In Africa, and particularly in Nigeria, political violence has often occurred in anticipation of, during or sometime after an election campaign.

Overview: In , China’s government continued to list terrorism as one of “three evils” – along with religious extremism and separatism, which threaten domestic stability.

China’s counterterrorism efforts focused primarily on the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), an organization that advocates independence for the Uighurs, China’s largest Muslim ethnic minority.

Oct 03,  · Causes of terrorism in Pakistan: The sectarian anti-Shiite militant groups like the Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan were preaching hatred against the Shiite Muslims and employing some terrorist activities. The extremist sectarian intolerance came to Pakistan only after revolution in Iran.

Terrorism is a contemporary problem that should not be neglected. The discourse on terrorism, however, is often simplified; disregarding important questions such as factors or root causes, potentially increasing political conflicts and generating terrorism.

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