The soul god religion and evil from a catholic church perspective

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The soul god religion and evil from a catholic church perspective

Beliefs Suffering and the Problem of Evil Suffering and evil are distinct and yet interrelated concepts in Catholic thinking. Ultimately, the fall of humanity is the cause of all suffering.

Humans were created to exist in harmony with God, but instead they chose the path of disobedience, which brought suffering and death into the world. Catholics believe that while humans have the free choice to disobey, they can never find true joy and peace except in harmony with and obedience to God.

Augustine says so eloquently in his Confessions, "Our hearts find no rest until they rest in You.

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In their pride and complacency, humans think that they need neither God nor the grace God offers, but tragedy, sorrow, and suffering can lead to transformation. Because this world is prelude and preparation for the afterlife, even a life filled with suffering is useful if it causes the person to turn to God and accept divine grace.

This, Catholics believe, is a central fact of existence: The Catholic Church teaches that with their limited vision humans do not have the ability to see all the consequences of actions and events, and something they recognize as evil may also be the impetus for great good to occur: God is able to bring good even out of the evil that humans commit.

When Catholics look at a troubled history that eventually led to a better situation, they recognize the hand of God drawing the whole process to a happy conclusion.

In fact, this is the lesson of the felix culpa, the happy fault: The evil remains evil, but the good that God causes to flow from it is greater still. Augustine, even this perception of good coming from evil is the result of a limited view: Catholics distinguish between physical evil and moral evil.

Physical evil is simply a lack of perfection: Moral evil is the greater issue, one that is all-pervasive in this world. Yet moral evil, too, is simply a lack of perfection-in this case, perfection of the human will. Just as God has not created a world of physical perfection, saving that for the coming kingdom, so too God has not created a world of moral perfection in which people do not have the ability to sin.

Augustine explained that God is the source of everything that exists, and everything God created is good. Evil is the absence of good, so therefore it must not have real existence. It is instead a lack, the absence of good.

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God created humanity, Lucifer, and the rebellious angels as beings of goodness, but also endowed them with the freedom to choose their paths. They chose to turn away from the good, and in doing so their capacity for goodness was diminished.

It is this lack, this diminishment, that is evil. When they speak of evil, Catholics often make reference to Lucifer, or the devil, who is called the Father of Lies. Lucifer is mirage and subterfuge, creating the illusion that following him will lead to happiness and light when all that will result is chaos and evil.

He therefore causes evil, but only with the willing participation of humans utilizing their free will to choose diminishment of the good. He may be called the Evil One, but Catholic belief does not grant him the power to execute the evil he envisions.

His power is very limited, his bid for predominance in heaven already thwarted, his final defeat already destined, just as the end of suffering and evil in the world to come is already destined.

Where does suffering originate from?Type “catholic yoga” into the Google Internet search engine and one of the first results is a news article that is summarized as “ The Catholic Church’s best-known exorcist [Fr.

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the unhesitating assertion of the beneficence of God's purpose in permitting evil, together with the full admission that He could, had He so chosen, have prevented it (De Civ.

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The Roman Catholic Church and Abortion: An Historical Perspective - Part II In this continuation of Donald DeMarco’s previous article, he again proves, through the historical record, that the. Anti-Papal Movement. Aryanism. Augustine.

The soul god religion and evil from a catholic church perspective

Bible. Catholic Church. Christian Church in the Middle Ages. Christian Church, Separation of. Christianity. Conversion of Constantine. Here is a talk I gave last night (3/22/15) at The Church of the Holy Spirit in Montgomery, AL.

The talk was titled “John Calvin and the Reformation: A Catholic Perspective.”. In another place, St. John uses the terms “spirit” and “soul” to distinguish the higher, rational part of the soul, especially in its faculty of communion with God — what other writers such as St.

Francis de Sales call the “apex” or “summit” of the soul — (spirit), from the lower, or sensitive part (soul).

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