Writing a horner plc program

The plant will initially be fueled by 12, tonnes of silage from Quarrington Farms, but will be capable of processing a wide range of crops and food wastes. The project will generate 3, MWh, which will be sold into the national grid, and an additional 3, MWh in heat to be used on site. The plant will include a drier and will sell heat to use for drying woodchips. A relationship has been established with a local wood chip operator who will provide the wood chip.

Writing a horner plc program

This can be done with the use of a flow chart or sequence table. You can use anything to fully understand the logic of the operation before programming. Many people do not use this step and jump straight to programming.

Fully understanding the logic before starting to program can save you time and frustration. The following is a sequence table for our die stamping application. I usually review this sequence with the person with the most knowledge of the machine.

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How to read the Sequence Table: Follow the steps from left to right, top to bottom. Step 1 indicates that it does not matter the upper and lower limit switch positions. The master switch is off, so the up and down solenoids are off. Steps 3 and 4 repeat themselves as long as the master switch is on.

You will notice that at step 2, after the master switch turns on the up solenoid will be activated. So the piston always retracts when the master switch is first turned on. This operation was picked up in development of our logical sequence.

Look at the sequence table in respect to the following logic. I have used Set and Reset conditions so it is easily followed by the sequence table. When the master switch turns on the up solenoid is activated. Notice the first rung is a direct correlation. Document, Document, Document This is a vital part of every program, which will save you time and money when you have to return to the program years later.

Test the program with a simulator or actual machine.

writing a horner plc program

Make modifications as necessary. Check with the people most knowledgeable on the machine, to see if it is doing what they expect.PLC Basics is a work in progress. If you wish to be notified of updates then please register for an account and make sure the email notification selection is checked.

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